What is EDI

What is EDI?

What is EDI?

EDI defines global standards for electronic business transactions across the entire supply chain - and every day many of the world’s biggest companies entrust Celtrino for their outsourced EDI services. That’s because our EDI solutions have the flexibility to grow as your organisation grows, and the technological capabilities to evolve with your ever changing business demands.

Ultimately EDI means that ordering and invoicing systems are streamlined and processed with greater efficiency and accuracy because information is not manually inputed. The benefits are immediate, the results long-term.

EDI Benefits

  • Respond to key customer EDI demands
  • Fast and reliable message exchange
  • Reduce manual intervention, paper and data errors
  • Free up accounts and IT resources for value-added activities
  • Better sales reporting, stock control and information sharing
  • Faster processing and payment of invoices
  • Easier to grow EDI connections to support future business