EDI with my suppliers

Supplier EDI

EDI Solutions with your Suppliers

You’re a major wholesaler. A global retail chain. Whatever the nature of your business, everyday you’re managing a growing and diverse number of trading partners, suppliers who help drive your business and your success. You’ve simply no room for error. But did you know that 40% of manually inputted documents are processed incorrectly and rejected? It’s why many of the world’s leading companies trust Celtrino’s touchless and innovative EDI solutions to integrate and manage their supply chain - eliminating human error, strengthening partnerships with current and future suppliers, and ultimately increasing efficiencies and reducing costs.

Benefits for You

  • Enhanced accuracy and faster order fulfillment across thousands of goods
  • No more manual processing - thus freeing up staff resources
  • Paperless records, so no more physical storage

Popular Celtrino EDI Solutions with Suppliers

  • Easy exchange of multiple purchase orders and invoices.
  • Vendor-managed inventory (VMI) so that your suppliers take responsibility and optimise supply chain performance.
  • Electronic Cataloging: Synching Product Data from all vendors into one centralised catalogue,
  • Ensuring EDI compliance from your suppliers to better integrate your supply chain operations - including EDI compliance testing and implementation.
  • Online Sales.