EDI Solutions with your customers

Customer EDI

EDI Solutions with your Customers

Your customers might be a national retailer, they could be a major wholesaler, but whatever the nature of their business your business will need to integrate seamlessly with their existing supply chain. Celtrino have the expertise to make that integration effortless and cost-effective. Whatever your size, whatever your existing IT capabilities, whatever the demands of your customers, our EDI solutions manage that relationship for thousands of suppliers across multiple sectors every day.

  • Complete EDI compliance with your trading partner/buyer requirements.
  • Enhanced accuracy, more efficient processes.
  • Just in Time (JIT) Inventory - decreasing waste and reducing production costs because you only receive goods when required.

Popular Celtrino EDI Solutions with Customers

  • Trade any business documents securely and efficiently.
  • Achieve EDI compliance with your trading partners, whatever their mandate.
  • Connect with multiple retailers, simply and quickly.
  • Online Sales.