Few sectors are as complex as healthcare, and the implications of an inefficient system are apparent for every citizen. It’s why streamlining healthcare procurement of goods and services is so essential. And why both the HSE in Ireland, and the NHS in the UK, trust Celtrino to deliver efficiencies that contribute to saving lives.

Our capabilities standardise and unify processes across their entire supply chains that make momentous savings every year through automated invoice processing that minimise operating costs.

By modernising your approach to spend management, you too can quickly gain an organisational advantage and remain focused on what’s important to you - the care of your patients and your bottom line.

The benefits of Celtrino’s healthcare expertise include:

  • Gain speed and accuracy when it comes to ordering books and services
  • Source form multiple suppliers while securing the best prices
  • Increased visibility and control for all the employees without the need for significant training


Quality customer service and improved efficiencies through the introduction of a specialist supplier portal