04 Dec

How we’re helping buyers find the best deals across multiple suppliers

Celtrino Marketing

celtrino Marketing

We’re all familiar with websites like and others in the travel industry who make the process of finding the best deals simple, efficient, and cost-saving. Our intelligent automated ‘best deal’ systems can do exactly the same for your business.

'Best Deal Sourcing' enables businesses across a wide variety of sectors to source the best deals across multiple suppliers. The ‘Best Deal Sourcing' engine harnesses EDI connectivity between retailers, wholesalers and suppliers to deliver supply chain automation innovation that:

  • Saves considerable time ‘shopping around’.
  • As well as finding the best price, users can highlight the latest product innovations and promotions.
  • Processes the order right through to delivery, reducing administration costs.
  • Can be seamlessly integrated into existing EPOS and accounts packages.

Our ‘best deal’ processes are transforming business operations across the Food and Drink, Pharmaceuticals, DIY and Pet Store Retailing sectors.

In turn suppliers can also benefit from 'Best Deal Sourcing', as by listing their products they can be brought into contact with new buyers via a Marketplace. 

To see how our 25+ wealth of experience developing, delivering and supporting B2B platforms can help your business find the best deals every time, get in touch today.